Complete Sequencing of Bacteriophage Genomes


     Nucleotide bases in Bacteriophages often get many modifications that prevent DNA cutting by specific restrictases. Therefore, sequencing phage DNAs by shotgun method can be nonproductive, as shotgun libraries production can be difficult and expensive, and significant portions of phage genomes could be missing. In contrast, Fimer-directed sequencing Bacteriophage DNAs turned out to be a straightforward procedure fully compatible with numerous DNA modifications. We have completed high quality sequencing and assembled genomes of several Bacteriophages. In addition, we have designed and validated a set of D-Strap Fimers that target weakly conserved phage genes.



  • T4-like Bacteriophages:

      Finished at Fidelity Systems

      • RB49
      • Aeh1
      • 44RR2.8t
      • Phage 31
      • Phi 1
      • RB16
      • Phage 65
      • Phage 133
      • NT 1
      • T2
      • T6
      • KR24
      • SWHM 1

  • Other Bacteriophages:

      • phiYS40
      • fah
      • Psi 3
      • Phage PA29
      • 1A4


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